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The advantages and disadvantages of vibration jaw crusher

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Vibration jaw crusher is the essential mineral crushing a crushing equipment, is widely used in mining, building materials, chemical industry, road. Vibration jaw crusher crusher simple structure compared to other big crushing ratio, uniform particle size, fragmentation, reliable performance, low running cost.

Advantages of vibration jaw crusher:

1, big crushing force, it can break the extremely hard materials. Vibration jaw crusher crusher crushing capacity than conventional more crushing materials, including titanium iron alloy, artificial crystal, silicon calcium alloy, ferrochrome, ferromanganese etc..

2, high efficiency, fast breaking. Vibration jaw crusher jaw crusher is crushing ratio is 2-3 times faster, crushing efficiency.

3, novel structure, not blocked. Vibration jaw crusher jaw with the impact velocity is relatively high, the use of the principle of inertia drive, when the material cannot be broken, with the movement of mineral crushing machine is discharged from the discharge opening.

4, start, stop, under load overload work. Vibration jaw crusher eccentric block is directly driven by the motor, and is not affected by the materials in the crushing cavity.

5, the force quickly, with impact properties. Vibration jaw crusher force exerted great gradient of material force, fast, and has a ripple.

6, the size of the discharging port can be adjusted in advance according to the yield and other requirements. Vibration jaw crusher production size requirements depend on the material layer thickness, and is not affected by the size of the discharge port.