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Fire fighting system pressure switch


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Products Catalogue Edition Number 13

Shanghai Fengshen


P6W-12D pressure control is a pressure control equipment which is designed for the fire protection system, Its characteristic is: it has a DPDT (double pole double throw) rapid action switch, at the same time it can make two different kinds of signal to control the pump of the fire protection system, and send out the alarm signal. It is an automatic controller which works when it receives the pressure signal.In the equipment, when the controlled pressure is higher than the setting pressure, the pressure controller will send the signal to cut off the circuit (or alarm) to make the water pump stop working, and send out the alarm signal.


Adjust Range: 0.05  0.20MPa                    Medium:Non-corrosive gas,water and oil

Differential: ≤0.04MPa                              Ambient temperature: -40  +65 

Max working pressure: 1.6MPa                       Medium temperature: -40  +120 

Switch contact capacity: A.C.220V 16A A.C110V 24A         Contact capacity: 220v A.C. 16A, 110V A.C. 24A

 Contact form:

The switch contact form is DPDT

1--5 and 3--4 are normal closed

↑the arrow indicates the direction of the rising pressure