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Fire fighting system pressure switch


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P6W-12S Pressure control is a control equipment which is specially designed for fire protection system. its characteristic is: it

not only has a fast working SPDT (single pole double throw) switch, but also can control the low Pressure. it can send out the

signal in a fairly small Pressure to make actuators stop working, it protects the Pressure well.


Adjust Range: 0  0.20MPa                          Medium:Non-corrosive gas, water and oil

Differential: 0.04  0.10MPa                         Ambient temperature: -40  +65 

Max working pressure: 1.6MPa                        Medium temperature: -40  +120 

Switch contact capacity: A.C.220V 16A A.C110V 24A     Contact capacity: 220V AC 16A 110V AC 24A

 Contact form:

The switch contact form is SPDT

1--5 is normal closed

 the arrow indicates the direction of the rising pressure