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Mini pressure switch

MP45 series

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MP45-Series Micro pressure control is an electrical switch controlled by pressure signal. It's affected by the discharge pressure of the compressor. When the discharge pressure of the compressor exceeds the setting pressure of the control, it will cut out the power supply and protect the system from undue pressure.

 Type explanation

Note: Refer to the table of code instructions for the details of codes in the table.

 Code instructions

Note: 1) Manual reset type MP45M.

2) Consult with Fengshen factory for special requirement.

 Example MP45F 01 B11 D3T 2.6

InstructionType MP45, Female flare, 7/16"-20UNF, Lead wire N.C., Lead wire length 610mm, Off pressure 3MPa, On pressure 2.6MPa.