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Mini pressure switch

SPST pressure switch

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YK Series Single pole Single Throw Auto-Reset Pressure Control

(YK-01H YK-02H YK-03H YK-01L YK-02L YK-03L)

Product specification

Adopting Eng. thread quick connector (copper flare connection) or brass tube welding fitting structure, flexibly setting, easy to use and no

special need for mounting and fixing .

Plugging or wiring connection designed to customers’ choice.

SPST connection, normal open or normal close structure to customers’ choice.

Security and reliability by adopting fusion welding stainless steel pressure inductor and full air-tight connection.

Any pressure value within 3~800 PSI (0.02~5.5MPa) can be made based on customers' requirement.

Pre-set pressure parameter before delivery allows direct use without resetting on the customers’ site.

█ Typical Outline Drawing

█  Operation  Principle

The series of pressure control are made based on the theory that an inside reversible stainless steel motion diaphragm turns over when inducing certain pressure. The electric contact opens or closes with the leader when the diaphragm moves. The switch resets automatically when induced pressure reduces below rated value.

█ Appilication

The series of pressure control are used to the high, low pressure protection of some refrigeration system like residential, commercial, automobile air-conditioner and ice maker etc. It can also be used to hydraulic pressure and steam pressure control system of all kinds of aircompressor, equipment or tool and agricultural machine.

█ Technical data

145PSI(2.75MPa) 800PSI(5.5MPa)

◆ Working pressure range: 3~800PSI0.02~5.5MPa

◆ Burst Pressure: 5000PSI

◆ Ambient temperature: -30~+80

◆ System medium temperature: -50~+120

◆ Life cycles under the rated electric current:30,000 times, 50,000 times and 100,000 times optional

◆ Electrical Rating: At 24Vac, normal electric capacity: 125VA At 120/240Vac, normal electric capacity: 375VA

◆ Dielectric Strength: Between disconnected contacts:AC700V/S Terminal to outer shell: AC2000V/S

◆ Safety proof pressure: The pressure that the control can endure while not affects the rated motion value

█ Electric contact form