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PC series pressure switch

Single pressure switch

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■ lntroduction

P/PC series pressure control can protect compressors in refrigeration and air-condition plant, and keep them from over-low suction pressure or over-high discharge pressure.

P/PC series pressure controls can start and stop refrigeration compressors and fans of air condensers.

P/PC series pressure controls can be used not only in fluoride refrigeration, but also in air and liquid.

P/PC series pressure controls are fitted with 3 kinds of changeover switch: a single pole double throw (SPDT), a double pole single throw(DPDT) and a double pole double throw(DPDT). The position of the switch is determined by the pressure control setting and the pressure at the connector.

Approvals: CQC(China), CE(Europe), ROHS, UL(USA. Canada).

■ Technical data

Ambient temperature -40 ~ +65℃ Max. working pressure Max. testing pressure

Medium temperature -40 ~ +120℃ L.P.: 1 MPa L.P.: 1.7MPa

Cable connection The cable entry H.P.: 3 MPa H.P.: 3.3MPa

can be used for 15mm dia.

■ R410aTechnical data

Ambient temperature -40 ~ +65℃ Medium temperature -40 ~ +120℃ Max. working pressure L.P.: 1.2MPa H.P.: 4.5MPa

Cable connection The cable entry can be used for 15mm dia. Max. testing pressure L.P.: 2.5MPa H.P.:4.8MPa

■ Electrical data

■ Placing order

Any special requirements please remark behind the model number.

Inch connection size (7/16-20UNF), please state letter “E” after the model number.

“MG” stands for capillary, standard length is 1m (including flare nuts), please mark the special length


“MGL” stands for “Capillary with thread”.

“A” stands for “Stainless steel air box assembly”.

■ Connection

■ Type & Data(Unit:MPa)


■ Mounting plate (Unit: mm)

■ Contact form


■ Dimension(Unit: mm)