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Vacuum pressure switch

Vacuum pressure switch

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P760 Pressure control is a pressure protection equipment which is specially designed for refrigeration or other mechanical system with negative Pressure vacuum degree control. Which can prevent the air leak into the system due to low vacuum from breakdown. It is an automatic controller, which works when receives the Pressure signal. ln refrigeration equipment, when the Pressure of compressor is lower than the setting Pressure, the Pressure controller will send electricity signal to cut off the circuit to stop the compressor, so as to protect the system.


Adjust range: 0  -1bar                              Ambient Temperature: -40  +65 

Switch contact capacity: A.C.220V 16A A.C110V 24A     Medium Temperature: -40  +120 

Medium: Non-corrosive gas, water and oil               Contact capacity: 220VAC 16A 110V AC 24A

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1---Common point

1-3---close when the pressure rise

1-5---open when the pressure rise

the arrow indicates the direction of the rising pressure

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