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Chinese Chemical Engineering "the first Chinese crane lifting the success" the world's largest industrial equipment

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In August 15th, China chemical [2.07% Funds Research Report] Engineering Group owned Huaerjian group constructed the Inner Mongolia Yitai Hangjinqi 1200000 tons / year of fine chemicals synthesis device core equipment demonstration project of oil -- weighed 2260 tons of coal oil Fischer Tropsch reactor hoisting success. The device is currently the world's largest industrial equipment factory, is also the most critical equipment. This is in Huaerjian group of independent research and development of the world land another success 6400 tons hydraulic double crane weight maximum following Lu'an integrated engineering hoisting after successful creation, also in the Inner Mongolia market for the first time successfully, to further expand the "China first hanging" - 6400 tons hydraulic double crane influence, show Huaerjian group the hoisting of super strength field at home and abroad.

In the construction of the Huaerjian group Yitai Hangjinqi 1200000 tons of fine chemical project is located in Erdos Hangjin Banner [0.34% Funds Research Report Xini Town City alone expensive Tara Industrial Park Jintai fine chemical industry park, is the project of deep processing of large coal clean utilization in Inner Mongolia, the construction of a 1200000 tons / year fine chemical projects, including oil, oil processing, fine synthesis chemical processing of seven production device. Two sets of Fischer Tropsch synthesis reactor is the core equipment of the petroleum synthesis device.