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Suggestions for the development of domestic food conveyor industry

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Food conveyor saving production and processing cycle in daily production and processing enterprises, greatly improving the efficiency of daily production, food conveyor so that eachproduction and processing of such very coherent, widely used in the food production process.Environmental protection, energy saving, efficient mode of production is no longer thedevelopment direction of other heavy industries, and also the inevitable trend of the majority of small and medium conveying machinery and equipment manufacturers development.

The development trend of transportation equipment industry to meet the market, energy saving and environmental protection

Manufacturing industry continues to use advanced manufacturing technology, but compared with developed countries, there is still a whole stage of the gap. The extensive application of computer management in industrial developed countries pay great attention to the organization and management system, mode of production renewal and development, introduced the JIT,agile manufacturing, lean production, concurrent engineering and other mechanical technology and new management ideas and automatic transmission. Our country only a few largeenterprises partial use of computer aided management, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises is still in the stage of experience management.

Using the high precision machining, precision machining and micro machining, micro mechanicaland micro / nano technology, laser processing technology, electromagnetic processing technology, super plastic processing technology and composite processing technology, a new processing method of industrial developed country wide. Because of the international and domestic market competition is increasingly fierce, for example in the mechanical manufacturing industry, the domestic and foreign many enterprises, even the well-known enterprises, in thiscruel competition have lost some failures, while some others have been merged. The rapid development of network communication technology to promote the enterprises to develop in the direction of both competition and cooperation, the development of further intensification ofinternational competition in the market. The interaction of these two reasons, has become the motive force of the development of the globalization of manufacturing industry, the first technical basis of globalization is manufacturing network, network communication technology makes therealization of manufacturing globalization.